southern madagascar

southern madagascar is the wildest and most arid region of the island. poorly developed economically despite the richness of its basement, southern madagascar is the poorest child of the country and which found a refuge in a veil of ancestral tradition which origin dates far back into the history of the settlement of the big island of madagascar. mystical and fascinating, rich in culture and in tradition, arid but paradoxically green with the richness of succulent plants, the baobabs, the didieraceae family, the euphorbs, the kalanchoe and the pachipodiums... which came to colonize a terrain and soil often poor in nutrients to adapt to drought and develop ingenious means of adaptation to the extreme climate, the south of madagascar is the region which awakes in us a deep sense of respect.

southern madagascar, sometimes called the deep south in reference to its unlimited scope, like a raging ocean, is the region where the rich, beautiful, fascinating, mystical and rebellious nature will always have the last word in this permanent struggle between man and nature and will force whom is supposed to be the most advanced species to admit his helplessness before such a force. adventure is the word that fully describe the trip in southern madagascar.

highlights of southern madagascar:

365 days of sunshine annually, a population deeply traditional, a living culture, exceptional fauna and flora, endless dunes, a bush of cactus and thorny unique in the world, astounding coves cut along a wild coast sheltered from the untamed seas and stormy surf, caves on which walls the colors of the rainbow instills contemplation, an extraordinary geology output directly from a school book, exciting sand tracks, turquoise sea of dreams fascinating both passionate of surfing and marine sports and those eager for relaxation and farniente, idyllic beaches of white sand, fabulous seabed, a limitless coral reef edging prestine lagoons.

southern madagascar, an invitation to discovery.