baobabs in madagascar

majestic, imposing, impressive... the list of adjectives can be extended to describe the few times centenarian plant, proudness of madagascar, the baobab. out of eight species of baobabs present on earth seven exist in madagascar of which six are endemic to the island.
confined to its western coast, from its farthest south tip to the farthest north cape, madagascar is the sole place on earth where baobabs exist in a forest state.

the baobab seed kernels are highly nutritious food source. the leaves and roots are used for medicinal purposes. the swollen trunk is a natural reservoir of water, as much water as 120'000 liters can be stored by one baobab tree. the bark is used in building huts as planks or in making ropes and strings... those bounties combined to its capacity to overcome times confer to the baobab plant the myth and power its name carries along. the baobab in itself is an incentive to visit the island of madagascar.