western madagascar

western madagascar is characterized by a warm and dry climate. in western madagascar vegetation and landscape take dimension and unexpected, sometimes supernatural, forms, forests of baobabs and bush of succulents of the families of euphorbiaceae and didiereaceae, endless unspoiled beaches of white sand, white sand dunes, turquoise seas. lack of paved roads, single track of red earth and sand, the scopes of wilderness are ideal for adventure and discovery.

highlights of western madagascar:

the national park of ankarafantsika, the caves of anjohibe, the betsiboka river, the national park of namoroko, the national park bay de baly, the national park of bemaraha, the river tsiribihina, the forests of baobabs, the reserve tampoketsa analamaintso, scopes of mangroves, deciduous forest, lakes of kinkony and ihotry shelters of waterfowls, forests of thorns and succulents, idyllic bays, one of the longest reef barrier in the world, and the blue expanse of turquoise sea limited only by the distant horizon where the sun melts into a ball of fire and gold.