eastern madagascar

the east coast of madagascar is the stereotype of a typical sub-tropical country. if the island of madagascar would have been smaller, the east coast would represent everything we can imagine of an island, sandy beaches lined with palm trees, coconut palms and casuarina trees, rocky shores on which the waves break unleashing energy which is transmitted to it by the indian ocean, turquoise sea, coral reefs with its array of marine life that only the constancy of temperature above 20c can ensure the survival, coves, natural shelter against bad weather, the abundance of freshwater springs, rivers and streams which have been well exploited by pirates in the not so distant past. in addition to layout tropical island, the east coast of the island continent of madagascar is home to rainforest in a band stretching from north to south which is in charge of the high and permanent rainfall and humidity. the rainforest of eastern madagascar is comparable to the amazon, rich in epiphytes, in orchids, vines, trees of which the precious wood such as rosewood, palissandre etc. ... whose summit rises up to 30 m. a natural but how fragile source of species of medicinal and industrial essence, an understory full of palms, ferns including tree ferns species, but especially, the rainforest is the natural habitat of a rich fauna of mammals including lemurs and the famous fosa cryptoproca ferox, reptiles of which chameleons which have variable shapes, colors and sizes, colorful birds and thousands of species of insects all unknown elsewhere. an alive tropical forest sounding day and night of bird songs, calls and cries of animals and thousands of buzzing insects.

tropical climate along eastern coast of madagascar is ideal for agriculture and is one of the richest regions of madagascar for mountain, flooded and irrigated ricefields, plantations of exotic fruits such as banana, lychee, custard apple, breadfruit... and natural spices including vanilla, cloves, cinnamon, pepper, pink pepper, ginger...

highlights of eastern madagascar:

the sandy beaches of fort dauphin, vangaindrano, manakara, mananjary, akanin'ny nofy, foulpointe, manompana, antanambe, mananara nord, maroantsetra, sambava and antalaha, the magic of the canal des pangalanes and its countless natural and artificial lakes, fishermen villages and fishermen who daily brave the indian ocean in small canoes hollowed out of a tree-trunk devoid of pendulums, the national park mantadia analamazaotra, the naitonal parc of mananara, the reserves and conservatory of ivoloina, the park national masoala... the islands of st. marie, nosy satrana, nosy mangabe are all beautiful for the beach as for diving and snorkeling, and of course humpback whale watching megaptera noveangliaea.

the east coast of madagascar, a rich and irreplaceable culture and nature.