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nosy iranja madagascar - turtle island

nosy iranja comprises two islands linked by 1.2km sandbar. the smaller island, iranja hely, is home to the luxurious iranja lodge boasting absolute tranquillity, idyllic honeymoon experiences and natural beauty.

nosy iranja is known as the turtle island. hawksbill turtles and green turtles indeed come ashore of iranja hely to lay their eggs. this is no surprise at the sight of the wide sand beach shadowed by coconut palm trees, the lush vegetation and the quietness of the island, all condition required by the turtle to lay egg.

each of the 29 deluxe suites of iranja lodge is surrounded by natural tropical garden, has a private terrace and most important offers sea view either on a fantastic sunrise or a stunning sunset.

iranja lodge ”a madagascan love story”