welcome to the website of wild madagascar, the incoming tour operator which will assist you discover the mythical island of madagascar where myth took shape in its wilderness, in its unique nature, its population and its culture. an exceptional blend of africa and asia, an extraordinary world, madagascar!

madagascar is an island of extremes where the black color and the large eyes of africa coexist with the light skin and the slanted eyes of asia ; where mountains and plateaus oppose coastal plains and the sea ; where rainforests contrast arid zones ; where the mild and shimmering orchids conflict with the thorns of succulent plants and where the incredible richness of the subsoil and of the ocean outrageously oppose the extreme poverty of the population. in madagascar the colors of the rainbow literally explode with every sunrise bringing to light and to senses shapes and scents elsewhere unknown. the most sought vocabularies can hardly express the feeling, the happiness one feels living every single image, every experience of every moment one lives in madagascar.
madagascar, an island carved by nature, a remarkable fauna and flora, a unique and ingenious people, extremely hospitable and full of an out of the common joie de vivre.

by its status of the third world country, madagascar is one of the most egregious examples of the devastating effect that human being can relate to nature. with the magic innate to the island, madagascar however remains the link which will reconcile us initially with ourselves and ultimately with nature and with our own origins. madagascar beyond our dreams.

we wish you a pleasant visit and an exciting discovery of the island of madagascar throughout the website of wild madagascar.