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climate of madagascar

the climate of madagascar is tropical warm and humid. the climate is divided into two distinct seasons, the rainy season during the summer stretching from november to march and a dry season usually rainy in the central highlands or high plateau and along the east coast and which extends from april through october. the difference of temperature between the continents and the sea during the austral summer is conducive to the formation of cyclones and seasonal tropical storms in the indian ocean and madagascar. storms during the summer season occur more commonly in the late afternoon and night and are accompanied by lightning and thunder especially in mountainous central highlands, the mornings are nevertheless sunny and days are warm making the summer the best time to travel in madagascar.

the west coast of madagascar is drier than the east coast and central highlands and the high plateau, the trade winds blowing from the indian ocean indeed lose their moisture when they finally reach the western coast.
the south west and the extreme south of madagascar are of sub-arid desert; toliara for example records less than third of a meter of rainfall per year.

in general, water surfaces are more abundant along the east coast and in the north and decrease in the west and the south, the southernmost being the driest region of madagascar.