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language in madagascar

according to lexicon perspective, 90% of the vocabulary used in the malagasy language derive from the austronesian languages and is therefore accepted as being derived from a group malaio-polynesian, the rest of the vocabulary comes from bantu, arab, swahili and sanskrit and are especially used on describing days of the week, livestock and the words used in divination... extra vocabularies were later borrowed from french, english and dutch languages.

despite variations related to different dialects characteristics of each of the 18 tribes of madagascar, the malagasy language "classical and official", native dialect of the tribe "merina" of the highland transcribed into latin script by the british missionaries by decree of king radama 1 after consulting with these missionaries, is extended and understood by all the other tribes on the entire island of madagascar. the principle used when transcribing the dialect of the tribe "merina" and therefore the current malagasy language was that the vowels are written in languages like latin, while the consonants are written as in english.

the french language, a legacy of colonization of madagascar by france, is the first foreign language as it remains the most widely used and is strongly linked to the administration and education in madagascar. in the countryside, it is more difficult to find people who speak a foreign language, including french, at the exception of course of people of a certain age whom followed "french" education or whom served directly or indirectly in the colonial administration and for whom, unfortunately, the french language is still a language of "command".

english begins to gain momentum especially among young people in big cities but does not surpass in importance the french.