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princesse bora lodge

although «development» has already started its process on this island, sainte marie remains one of the most authentic inhabited island in madagascar. such exceptionally natural island appeals but to eco-friendly hotels of the kind of the princesse bora lodge.

built along white sand beach long several kilometers lined up by coconut palm trees, facing a beautiful lagoon, the princesse bora lodge has its executive beach, luxury and comfort villas interspersed in a tropical garden. an enticing place for a marvellous hotel where every activity from snorkelling to whale watching or to land excursion aim to get human being back to nature.

princesse bora lodge, a miraculous place out of the race of time.

princesse bora lodge«be at the end of the world... far, very far from mass tourism».

(R). Hotel closed 15th May - 15th June 2012