madagascar palm trees

palm trees are certainly by far the plant best known by travelers as they are synonymous of tropics and sea. who indeed would not connect the ocean to coconut palm trees? madagascar will surprise travelers with the large panoply of plants from the arecaceae, palm family, the island is home for. present in every habitat from sea level to high altitude, from rainforest to the desert like regions, palm trees are by excellence the ubiquitous plant. over 170 species of palms have been described in madagascar of which all but six are endemic, a godsend for collectors, yet, nature has not displayed all of its secrets, new species of palms are being discovered as it happened in 2008 with tahina spectabilis, a spectacular as its name suggests, and towering plant new to science at even the genus level.

palm trees are of great importance in the daily life of malagasy people as source of food, of building material and making of utensils, every part of the plant having its own use.